The Guys

Some quick info about the 3 guys:


Scott Anderson is? Quite a question
Scotty is an avid movie watcher that leans more towards drama and suspense in my viewing and choosing of movies.  Not to say that Scott does not like comedies, as long as they are well done and they make him laugh.  Scott began watching movies seriously after high school and after taking a few classes in college on Film but movies have always been a part of his life.  He had never understood the depth of a great film until it was explained to him but one thing he did know was that he left the movie theatre with an emotional response and often would think about movies for weeks at a time after seeing them.  He enjoys talking about movies and is a keen observer of human behavior both in and out of the theatre.  Scott writes bio’s in the third person because every website about writing bio’s said to do so.  Scott feels strange about this.
Scotty believes that special effects have ruined the film industry in some respects and often blames the public’s short attention span and busy lifestyle, Scott wrote busty instead of busy on accident and that made him laugh.  Scott finds it astonishing when people say that cannot watch a black and white movie.  Scott once wrote a screenplay in 2 ½ weeks and after it was done he put it in the drawer where things go.  Scott worked as an extra for a movie called Duty Dating and has yet to see it and does not even know if it exists.  Scotty also cleaned a set and dropped off scripts in Hollywood for a Master P production.
Scott Anderson lives in Millbury, Massachusetts, after 2 stints in California.  He is married with 3 great children, all boys.  They like Star Wars which is refreshing.  Scott is a singer/songwriter, this has become more of a hobby than lifestyle unless you’re looking to buy some songs or need a jingle.  He works overnights in a residential facility.  This gives him the ability to watch many movies when he is not playing XBOX.



Griff was born and raised in Millbury, Ma. He is a graduate of Worcester State University with a degree in Psychology. Griff spent many years working as teacher of at risk youth in the Worcester county area. In 2006 he packed up his belongings and headed west. He currently lives in Laguna Beach, CA. and works in the IT field.

Griff is a life-long lover of movies ever since his parents took him to see Star Wars when he was 5. (yep, he is that old) Griff has a particular love for classic cinema and has a TCM app on his phone so he always knows what’s going to be on.

He has no formal training in doing movie reviews other than a brief flirtation with major in Media/Mass communications in college.

When he is not working or watching movies Griff spends his time reliving his childhood on the XBOX, reading, and playing old men’s softball.



Since I was able to turn the dial on the television yes I said dial, for those of you who aren’t as old as I am televisions once had dials and movies were viewed in black and white.  Even better ticket prices at the theater were two dollars for afternoon shows … Anyhow back to the point.  I have been an avid viewer for what I consider a long time.  There isn’t any specific genre of film I prefer anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I will watch almost anything, a trait which sometimes hasn’t served me so well …

Although I haven’t had any formal schooling in film I have had the privilege of meeting and interacting with various people who work in the film industry as well as taken personal tours of some film and television sets which has afforded me experiences unavailable to the typical movie viewer.

I currently reside in Massachusetts and work in the multimedia field.  When not watching movies I can be found designing in Photoshop, attempting to write scripts – I know how it starts and ends the rest eludes me, being outdoors, weather permitting and finally acting like a raging child in front of the Xbox.



Adam was raised in bucolic Millbury Massachusetts.  He attended Millbury High school where he played both varsity basketball and soccer.  Lacking any natural athletic abilities he was encouraged to beat the opposing teams senseless.  Adam took to this role as goon and enforcer with unmitigated glee.  He is a graduate of Clark University in Worcester MA where he majored in History with a double minor in poon tang and keg beer.

Upon matriculation after an all too brief five years, Adam worked and taught in several group homes and alternative high schools.   He eventually met a wonderful woman and convinced her to move to sunny So Cal with him.  After a few more years dealing with county social workers and ungrateful spoiled children, Adam became disillusioned with helping wayward children.  More and more he came to think they all needed a good solid thrashing and or deportation back to their native lands.   Finding his innovative out side the box thinking not welcome as part of the therapeutic milieu, he opened a business buying and selling vintage clothing on eBay and at antique malls.

This all changed 3 years ago with the birth of his son Adam Jr.  Adam became a stay at home dad.  However, Adam despises that term and would much prefer you refer to him as a trophy husband.  Adam now spends his days chasing around a 3 year-old, cleaning, cooking, shopping, doing laundry, chopping brush and keeping the misses as happy as possible.  Adam is fond of the saying “if she is happy, everyone is happy”.

Adam did take a few classes in film studies however he did not pay very much attention and one shouldn’t assume his blogs will be anymore professional or insightful because of his coursework.  He does however enjoy movies and discussing movies and telling you why your wrong about your opinions.    Adam has several other leisure time pursuits.  These include playing softball a few times a week, going to the beach, pwning noobs on Xbox, drinking the finest beers he can find and attempting to grow vegetables in his organicish garden.

Adam currently resides in Sunny San Clemente California with his beautiful wife and son.  He also has a dog, 3 cats, assorted tropical fish and should be considered armed and dangerous, approach with caution.


  1. Mary
    July 23, 2011 at 4:22 am

    Give us a break,Adam. You sound like such a meanie, and you are a big teddy bear. Adam’s a teddy bear,everyone!

    • July 23, 2011 at 8:27 am

      Adam is certainly mean in any competitive situation, I have been beaten and bruised from the cheap shot artist known as Adam Griffith

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