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June 30, 2011 2 comments


Director: Jaume Collet-Serra
Oliver Butcher, Stephen Cornwell
Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger, January Jones

Scotty: 1 ½ guys
Klash: 1 ½ guys
Griff: 1 guy

Plot: While travelling in Germany Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) is involved in a serious car accident that leaves him in a coma for several days. When he wakes up, he discovers that someone else has stolen his identity. Now Dr. Harris must figure out who has stolen his life and why they did it.

Q and A with the 3 Guys:

Before we get into the film, what were your thoughts before seeing the film?

Griff – I had heard some so-so reviews of this film. To be honest I was really wasn’t interested or not interested. It seemed like another in a long line of utterly forgettable action films.

Klash – From viewing the trailer this appeared as though it was going to be similar to the Bourne Identity films or other films of that nature.

Scotty – I was not interested in watching it and figured it was another Liam Neeson movie.

Do you think the movie was fresh and innovative?

Griff – Not at all. More of the same recycled actions scenes and a fairly predictable plot.

Klash – I feel that this kind of film has been dome so many times there is nothing left to the imagination. There wasn’t any plot twist that left me thinking, “I didn’t see that coming.”

Scotty – Not fresh or innovative but enjoyable

Was the script well written?

Griff – Zzzzzzz…..

Klash – The script seemed generic in that there was nothing new to the story.  There was nothing which didn’t closely resemble films that have come out in previous years.  From start to finish it was very predictable and didn’t leave a lot to the imagination.

Scotty – Yes, I thought the twists and turns were well hidden and although it was over the top it was entertaining

Were the actors and actresses well cast?

Griff – Liam Neeson was well cast but I thought January Jones was a little awkward and out of place in this one.

Klash – The cast did the job they were supposed to.  This film could have cast a multitude of different actors and actresses and still have gotten the same results. 

Scotty – Yes, but I should tell you that I will have a tough time ever saying a bad word about January Jones, this may make me bias.

Do you remember a song from the film?

Griff – Nevermind the music, I barely remembered the film after I saw it.

Klash – Nothing comes to mind, I can’t remember if there were any songs other than the score that was used.

Scotty – No

What was your favorite line?

Griff – “I remember how to kill you, asshole!”

Klash – “I didn’t forget everything.  I remember how to kill you, asshole.”

Scotty – Whatever the old German P.I. says

What would you have done differently if you were the writer or director?

Griff – Hmmm…this is a tough one to answer. I am not going to pretend that I know anything about making a great movie. I fix computers for a living. That said, I feel like I can recognize a mediocre film when I see it. My advice? Don’t make the movie. Everyone’s gotta pay the rent sometime though I guess.

Klash – This is the type of film that needed a few plot twists that would have left the viewer wondering what just happened and how come they hadn’t seen it coming.

Scotty – I would have chosen someone different than Liam Neeson

Was there a performance you really liked or really hated? 

 Griff – January Jones looked and acted like a robot through the whole movie. Bruno Ganz is always great in anything I have seen him in.

 Klash – None of the performances were above standard as in show up complete your parts and call it a day.

 Scotty  – I really liked Bruno Ganz as the German Private Investigator; I want to watch a movie about him.

 Buy it, rent it, watch it on cable, or skip it entirely? 

 Griff – It’s not entirely rotten to the core. You could watch it on cable and maybe feel ok about yourself in the morning.

 Klash – For those who haven’t seen this film yet cable seems like a good alternative to the other options.

 Scotty – Don’t buy it because you will watch it once, you could certainly rent this film without feeling ripped off

 Any suggestions for another movie to check out if someone enjoyed this film (similar film)?

 Griff – Well, in the same vein I guess would be Memento. Also, you could check out Fear in The Night. I did a quick review on this one a little while ago.

 Klash – The Bourne Identity films are the first to come to mind.

Scotty –  Anything by Alfred Hitchcock if you enjoyed the suspense.  “Taken” if you thought Liam Neeson kicked ass.


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