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July 21, 2011 2 comments


Director: Neil Burger
Leslie Dixon, Alan Glyn (novel)
Bradley Cooper, Robert DeNiro, Abbie Cornish


Eddie, A down on his luck writer with some serious writers block is given a strange drug from his former girlfriend’s brother after a “chance” encounter on the street.  When Eddie starts taking the drug he is able to use the full potential of his brain, and his entire life turns around. That is until he finds out that the drug has some serious side effects…

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Scotty :


Break it down. What did you think of movie?

Adam – I came in with limited expectations and was pleasantly surprised.  The film had a lot more sci-fi elements than the trailers I had seen led me to believe the case was going to be.  They made the drugged up cheater seem like a likeable fella you could relate to which is an accomplishment in itself. Copper was excellent and demonstrated a lot more range than I thought he had.

Griff – A surprisingly well done little sci-fi/action/thriller. It moved along at a pretty good pace and kept me entertained and interested throughout. Cooper was better than I expected.

Scotty–   The movie was good. I enjoyed watching it and found the plot and script to flow well.  It was suspenseful and well thought out and it made me think about having clarity, and how life gets you so caught up in what’s happening that you forget to focus on the small details and way things sound when its quiet.

What were your thoughts before seeing the film?

Adam – I had very low expectations based solely upon the trailers I had seen.  However, I did hold out a glimmer of hope since I enjoyed The Illusionist another film by the same director Neil Burger.  That’s worth checking out if you have not seen it by the by.

Griff – My expectations couldn’t have been lower. From what I saw in the trailers, this looked like a heaping helping of turd burger.

Scotty–  No thoughts really, besides this being a different role for Bradley Cooper.

Do you think the movie was fresh and innovative?

Adam – I don’t know if I would say fresh or innovative but I thought it was shot in an interesting way.  It reminded me of a David Fincher movie i.e. Fight Club with a dash of spike Jonze early video work.  A film about society hooked on big pharma was not that original in my opinion Aldous Huxley did it better 80 years ago.

Griff – Well, I haven’t seen anything exactly like it in recent memory. At least it was not  full of explosions and over the top CGI, and as far as I could tell, Michael Bay had nothing to do with it. So that is a plus.

Scotty– Not really, but I thought the cinematography was done well and fresh.  The plot is a cross between this film and that and the other.

Was the script well written?

Adam – I found the script to be lacking a general sense of cohesiveness.  Plot holes abounded and some of the characters were a bit one dimensional.  Not sure if that’s the fault of the original novel or was caused by the screen writer hacking it up.

Griff – Reasonably well done. I wasn’t pulling my hair out or making this face at any point >:-/

Scotty– Yes the script was well written and the subplots seemed to intertwine seamlessly.

Were the actors and actresses well cast?

Adam – As I mentioned previously I was impressed with Cooper in the role of Eddie Morra.  Word on the street was Shia LaBeouf was originally cast to play Eddie.  I think we can all agree we are glad that didn’t happen.  I also liked Abbie Cornish as Lindy; I only wish she had a bit more screen time. Robert De Niro’s talents were once again wasted in this film. I’m sick to death of him mailing it in he’s like an unfunny Samuel L Jackson.

Griff – Bradley Cooper did a great job, Abbie Cornish was also really good here. I even enjoyed Andrew Howard as the over the top mobster. My only complaint? De Niro. See below for my thoughts on that subject.

Scotty– Actors and actresses were great; Bradley Cooper played a different kind of role.  It is funny how De Niro is De Niro no matter what kind of movie you put him in, he always seems like a mobster.

Do you remember a song from the film?

Adam – Not particularly, I certainly wasn’t humming a theme song when the film concluded.  However, they also were not distracting from the film either.

Griff – Nope, it was all techno. But, I did like the Kanye West song in the trailer cause I’m cool like that.

Scotty– I certainly do not, but the score certainly supported the film.

What was your favorite line?

Adam – “My excuse for looking like this? I’m a writer.”

Griff –  “It works better if you’re already smart.” – so true.

Scotty– “See that guy? That’s me. My excuse for looking like this? I’m a writer.”

What would you have done differently if you were the writer or director?

Adam – I haven’t read the novel it was based on The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn.  I liked the how stylized it was shot but I thought it sort of ran out of gas at the end.  I would have gone with a relative no name in De Niro’s role and cut the screen time of that character in half and added more meat for the role Lindy.

Griff – I see no upside with putting De Niro in this film other than trying to put fannies in seats. Why not give the role to someone who still has a hunger for acting and is not just looking for a paycheck? Also thankfully that rat raced Shia LaBeouf wrecked his hand filming some crappy Michael Bay film or we would be talking about that here as well. If only it had stopped him from ruining Indiana Jones…Oh well.

Scotty– Nothing, like I said I thought the film was well done

Was there a performance you really liked or really hated? 

Adam –  I liked both Cooper and Cornish and hated De Niro.  I wonder how much of the budget they wasted getting De Niro on board with this project?  They could have spent that on a few more rewrites.

Griff – Damn you Robert DeNiro. You haven’t  turned out a risky or memorable  performance since Cape Fear back in 1991.

Scotty– Bradley Cooper did a great job with this film and was very sincere and believable.

Buy it, rent it, watch it on Cable, or skip it entirely? 

 Adam – This film is definitely worth checking out.  I certainly wouldn’t buy it unless you find it for $5 somewhere in a discount bin at some point.

Griff – Limitless is definitely worth checking out. I didn’t catch it on DVD but I can’t imagine there are any special features or anything on there that you couldn’t live without seeing.

Scotty– Certainly should rent it, it is worth seeing

Any suggestions for another movie to check out if someone enjoyed this film (similar film)?

Adam –  Stylistically I found it similar to Fight Club and you can’t really go wrong watching that again.

Griff – Hmmm…I am struggling with this one a bit. I am going to take the easy way out and say the Illusionist. Also I want to give a shout out to one of my favorite sci-fi thrillers of the year, Source Code.

Scotty– The Matrix, Alice in Wonderland, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

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