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Kill the Irishman

July 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Kill the Irishman

Directed By: Jonathan Hensleigh
Written By:
Jonathan Hensleigh, Jeremy Walters
Ray Stevenson, Val Kilmer, Christopher Walken, Vinne Jones, Vincent D’ Onofrio

Plot: Based on the true story of Danny Greene who worked his way up the ranks of the mob in Cleveland during the 1970’s. Things are going well until Danny borrows some money from the mob and the money gets stolen. Danny never received the cash but the mob still wants him to pay it back. When Danny refuses to pay, the mob puts out a hit on him.


Griff: 2 guys
Scotty: 2 ½ guys
Klash: 2 Guys
Before we get into the film, what were your thoughts before seeing the film?

Griff – I actually saw this one in the theater during its limited release several months ago. I had read some really good things about it and based on the cast alone I was looking forward to it.

Scotty – I thought it would be a good watch and was excited about the cast.

Klash – Knowing that his was based on a true story and having seen the cast I was looking forward to this film.
Do you think the movie was fresh and innovative?

Griff – I don’t know about fresh and innovative it is a gangster movie after all. They even a borrowed the knife a guy in the trunk to death scene from Goodfellas.

Scotty – Yes and no, I mean it is a mob movie so you knew what to expect but it certainly took me by surprise at times and I knew nothing about Danny Green so it was interesting and informative.

Klash – This was a film about the mob, not very fresh or innovative.  The viewer gets a good idea what they are going to see from the previews.

Was the script well written?

Griff – Definitely, plot moved along quickly and kept me entertained from start to finish.

Scotty – Yes, the dialogue was great and the movie seemed well put together

Klash –  Yes, the script get the movie rolling without any drawn out moments.
Were the actors and actresses well cast?

Griff – Everyone in this was great. Walken maybe dialed it in a bit but no real complaints. Ray Stevenson was perfect for the roll.

Scotty – I thought the cast was great, you had all your normal mob guy actors and a few new faces plus Christopher Walken, I would say they did a great job casting.

Klash – The cast was well suited for this film.  It didn’t feel like there was anyone who was out of place in the role they were playing.  Ray Stevenson was a very good choice for this film.

Do you remember a song from the film?

Griff – I do not.

Scotty – No particular song but I liked the score and the 70’s music played throughout.

Klash – Nothing comes to mind

What was your favorite line?

Griff – “I’m an Irish Catholic with the grace of god on my shoulder. If any of these maggots from the so called mafia want to come after me, I’m not a hard man to find.”

Scotty – “Then I am going to go in the backroom with your pretty little girlfriend and you’ll take it, cause you have to”

Klash – “I’m an Irish Catholic with the grace of god on my shoulder. If any of these maggots from the so called mafia want to come after me, I’m not a hard man to find.”
What would you have done differently if you were the writer or director?

Griff – I thought this one was really well done. I don’t really have any criticism here. It’s a shame this didn’t do better in the theaters. Maybe if Michael Bay directed it. But then it would have sucked so I guess you can’t win.

Scotty – I would have done nothing different, I think the movie was done well and it being based on a true story is always a bonus to me.

Klash – Considering this was based on a true story I feel this film was done very well.
Was there a performance you really liked or really hated? 

Griff – Ray Stevenson was definitely a stand out. I am always impressed by how fat Val Kilmer has gotten. He’s like a modern day Orsen Welles or Brando without the talent to match the girth.

Scotty – I thought Ray Stevenson as Danny Green and Vincent D’Onofrio as John Nardi were awesome.  Sometime you wonder where actors go and it was nice to see Vincent D”Onofrio in a gritty role.

Klash – Ray Stevenson was the stand out in this film.  He is an underrated actor who unfortunately is only seen in B movies which never seem to do very well.
Buy it, rent it, watch it on Cable, or skip it entirely? 

Griff – Great movie but I don’t know if it demands multiple viewings. Buying this one would really depend on what kind of extras you would get on the disk. Definitely worth a rental though.

Scotty – Certainly rent it or buy it. I am going to view the movie again just to pick up on something I missed.  The dialogue was great and often you miss gems when you see it once.

Klash – Renting this movie would suffice.

Any suggestions for another movie to check out if someone enjoyed this film (similar film)?

Griff – Well obvious choice I guess would be Goodfellas for the gangster element but I actually think this film is closer in story to Casino where there is a guy who works with the mob but is never really one of them. A throw back pick would have to be Little Caesar or Public Enemy where a small time guy makes it to the top with less than ideal results.

Scotty – The Italian Job, Taxi Driver, Snatch, all of these movies is similar and well worth watching.

Klash – Goodfellas or Casino come to mind after viewing this film