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Battle Los Angeles

Battle Los Angeles
Director: Jonathan Liebesman
Writer: Christopher Bertolini
Stars: Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez
Reviewed by: Klash

Aaron Eckhart plays the role of Marine Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz. On the verge of retirement Nantz is called back to action to help defend Los Angeles from an invading alien force determined to wipe out the human race and steal our resources.

This is your basic alien invasion movie, a plot which has been done countless times before. There isn’t anything new or exciting in this movie which made any sort of lasting impression. It’s a plot that has been kicked to death and revived more times that I can remember or care to. This film isn’t nearly as bad as the garbage film titled Skyline so it has that going for it. This is the kind of film you can enjoy if you are suffering from insomnia because you’ll definitely end up falling asleep.

Rating: One Guy

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