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Battle Los Angeles

Battle Los Angeles

Written by: Christopher Bertolini

Director:  Jonathan Liebesman

Stars: Aaron Eckhart, Bridget Moynahan, and Michelle Rodriguez

Reviewed by: Scotty

Staff Sgt. Michael Nantz( Aaron Eckhart) has just had his retirement approved when all hell breaks loose in Los Angeles and all coastal cities of the world.  The world is under attack by aliens that use our water to power their machines and themselves.

Staff Sgt.Nantz is under the command of a newly graduated Lieutenant Martinez who has yet to have real life action and as the film progresses Lieutenant Martinez is overwhelmed and leans on the help of Sgt. Nantz  to get the crew out of harm’s way and save as many civilians as possible.  Many of the world’s defenses have been demolished and it is up to this crew to save the city and the world.

Battle Los Angeles is not innovative or fresh. It is the same movie we have seen several times but if you enjoyed “Independence Day” you will certainly enjoy this movie.  The action is intense for the first half an hour but then repeats and fades throughout the rest of the film.  There is nothing new here, unlike District 9 where you have a different view point this is a straight action movie with decent special effects, decent characters, and the same old world against the aliens.  We win the fight on the back of a few marines.

I give it 1 ½ guys.

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