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The Company Men

The Company Men

Director: John Wells
Writer: John Wells
Starring: Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Costner, Chris Cooper
Review By: Scotty

The Company Men revolves around the lives of three men, who through corporate downsizing, lost their high paying jobs.

Bobby Walker(Ben Affleck) was the first to get fired.  Bobby tries to stay upbeat but is beaten down at every turn and soon has to downsize his life and he and is family end up living with his parents again and Bobby takes a job hanging drywall.  Although this is a shot to the gut financially Bobby finds a family that he has ignored and begins to realize what is truly important in life.

Phil Woodward(Chris Cooper) is next and at nearly sixty years old it is difficult for him to find work.  Phil based his whole life on his job and has nothing to grasp as it falls apart, although he has a wife and daughter.  Phil’s demise is inevitable and you are just waiting to see how it is going to go down.

Finally,  Gene McClary(Tommy Lee Jones), the company man that is at odds with his long time friend and CEO of the company about the process of downsizing.  Gene has the employees in mind as James Salinger, the CEO of the company, is thinking about nothing but profits.  Gene’s journey is the most profound and interesting.  Gene has an empathy that comes across on screen through subtle gestures and dialogue that seems to glue the whole picture together.

This movie pissed me off a little. I found myself saying poor rich guys with beautiful houses and assets. I had a hard time connecting with these characters.  I mean really, there are starving people in Ohio, and you want me to watch a bunch of spoiled executives complain about their lot in life.  As I watched the movie though I connected to the characters humanity and soon forgot about my feelings of anger towards them. The moral of the movie seems to be there are more important things in life besides new cars, fancy dinners, expensive suits; family, honesty and integrity is where true happiness lies.  I give it 1 and 1/2 guys.

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