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Inside Job

Inside Job

Director:   Charles Ferguson

Writer:  Chad Beck, Charles Ferguson

Stars:  Matt Damon, William Ackman and Daniel Alpert

Reviewed by: Scotty

Inside Job is a documentary about the financial crisis that shook the world and its markets.  Director Charles Ferguson tries to unravel the multi layered economic disaster that has gripped the world starting from the bankruptcy of the banks in Iceland to the high risk derivative trading on Wall Street.

The writer and director walk us through the years of deregulation through the Reagan, Clinton, and Bush administrations as many warned of economic doom.  Inside Job does a tremendous job of explaining the truth of what went down by several interviews with economic leaders, CEO’s of the big banks, and economists that tried several times to stop this economic crash from happening.

Ferguson and Beck inform the viewer of the out write gambling that was the housing bubble and explain how it was and is still an ongoing issue to this day. They also explain, at great length, how brokers and big banks such as Lehman Brothers, Citigroup, Bear Stearns, and J.P. Morgan were making billions of dollars while the public lost its retirement and savings account.

Furthermore Inside Job discusses the growth of salaries for bankers and traders and the absurd bonuses handed out by the big banks.

This movie has a lot of information to digest but paints a clear picture of the financial crisis that continues to strangle the world economies. I found it to be disturbing and informative and I was riveted by the amount of fraud and criminal activity these banks got away with at our expense. If you ever wondered what happened to the world economy, watch this and you will not believe your ears.  I give it 2 ½ guys and believe it is a must see.

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