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Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine

Director:   Derek Cianfrance

Writer:  Derek Cianfrance, Cami Delavigne

Stars:  Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams and John Doman

Reviewed by: Scotty

Blue Valentine is an emotional movie involving the beginning and the end of a relationship.  The film rolls seamlessly between the start and what turns out to be the end of this heart ripping drama that was well acted and well written.  Ryan Gosling, as Dean, and Michelle Williams, as Cindy, are convincing and well suited for these roles; they both continue to involve themselves in their roles at a high level.

Dean is a romantic with a thirst for love and ukulele, while Cindy is a hard working young woman with hopes for success and an unwanted pregnancy.  Cindy was going to have an abortion but could not go through with it, Dean, though obviously torn, decided to support Cindy even though the child was not his and they became a family.

There were many levels to this film and there was much information not delivered to the audience and as these characters unfold there is much to be assumed.  Cindy’s father was a horrible husband and Dean grew up without his mother and I assumed these were the reasons they felt the way they did about love.  Cindy is cold and unloving and Dean seems like a big child that struggles having adult conversations.  This mix certainly makes for some very touching and uncomfortable scenes.  The script was very sneaky in its symbolism and foreshadowing which will cause me to watch it again to pick up on the subtle backdrops.

I enjoyed watching this movie and found Gosling and Williams to be a beacon of light in what has become a dark sea of mediocre.   I give this movie 2 ½ guys and recommend watching this film.


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