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Parallax View

Parallax View

Director: Alan J. Pakula
Writer: David Giler, Lorenzo Semple Jr.
Starring: Warren Beatty, Paula Prentiss, William Daniels
Review By: Griff

So this is another one that you can view for free right now on Netflix. I am going to file this one under “lost classic.”

Warren Beatty plays Joseph Frady a reporter who, along with his girlfriend Lee (paula Prentiss), witnesses the assassination of Senator in Seattle. Three years pass and Lee shows up at Joseph’s doorstep. Their relationship is now over but Lee tells Joseph that she believes that all the people who witnessed the assassination our being systematically killed off.

Joseph doesn’t believe her but when she also turns up dead a few days later he decides to investigate. Joseph quickly gets in over his head when he uncovers a vast conspiracy, involving a multinational corporation that may be responsible for assassinations all over the world.

This movie was released in 1974 by Director Alan J. Pakula. It was sandwiched in the middle of two other excellent thrillers; Klute (1971), and All The President’s Men (1976).
Somehow this one seems to have been overlooked but it’s an excellent film.

Beatty is excellent as the over zealous cop trying to get to the truth. But the real star of this film in my opinion is the cinematography. There are some amazingly well framed shots that really make this movie stand out.

If you are digging through the instant view on Netflix some night looking for something to watch I recommend giving Parallax view a shot.

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