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Director:  Jeff Malmberg

Stars: Mark Hogancamp

Reviewed by: Scotty

Marwencol is a documentary about a fantasy world built and photographed by Mark Hogancamp.  Mark was nearly beaten to death outside a bar by 5 men where he lost his memory and had to relearn normal motor skills.  Building a 1/6th scale model of a World War II town called Marwencol helped him in his rehabilitation emotionally and physically. Mark inserted his friends and family into his fantasy world and created a unique storyline to work through his emotional issues.

Mark was discovered while walking an army tank and some dolls down the street like he did often and before he knew it he had an art show in New York City.  This stress weighs heavy on Mark and he begins to fear sharing his art with the world.

I was completely blown away by the realism of his photographs and how he would manipulate the figures to express what he thought they were feeling.  I found it strange that the faces did not change but due to the context of the photographs and story line it seemed as though the figures showed emotion.  Some of the photos are graphic and the one that sticks out for me was outside the Church where a sniper had shot an SS soldier in the head, you will have to see it to know what I mean.

Watching Marwencol was time well spent and I wore heels while writing this review. I give it     2 ½  guys.

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