Director:  Michael J. Bassett
Writer:  Michael J. Bassett
Stars:  Jamie Bell, Hugo Speer, Andy Serkis

Separated from their regiment after a brutal night of fighting German troops, a small band of soldiers from British Company Y find themselves lost on the battle ground surrounded by a dense fog.  After in indeterminable amount of time wandering around the men stumble upon a German trench, occupied by several German soldiers who have apparently lost their sanity.

 Killing all but one of the German soldiers who they take prisoner, the men soon make a gruesome discovery while scouting out the remaining maze of trenches.  The entire area is littered with countless German corpses all who have apparently killed each other.  Through the interrogation of the German prisoner the men learn that they are not the only ones occupying the forward position as they suspected.  With orders from their Captain to hold the position and wait for reinforcements, the small platoon must now stand against an unknown enemy more powerful than anything they have ever faced on the battle field.

 This film almost had potential but ultimately seemed to fall short.  With a plot that had a few interesting moments it was otherwise quite predictable and made for an ending which wasn’t as effective or surprising as was probably intended.  The actors played their parts well considering the setting and circumstances which the movie revolved around. The two elements which stood out the most in this film were the sets and the cinematography, both helped in areas where this film fell short at times.  Over all not a great movie but by no means was it the worst I have ever seen.

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