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Bunny and the Bull

Bunny and the Bull

Director: Paul King
Writer: Paul King
Starring: Edward Hogg, Simon Farnaby, Veronica Echegui
Review By: Griff

Edward Hogg plays Stephen, an agoraphobic, schizophrenic with OCD. He spends his time cataloging his urine and doing crossword puzzles in his apartment. When his stash of food goes bad on him, he is forced to order take out from the local Captain Crab.

When the food arrives it sparks memories of a trip through Europe that he took over a year ago with his friend Bunny (Simon Farnaby), an extroverted drunk with a penchant for gambling. Through flashbacks sparked by various items around Stephen’s house we relive the trip in broken pieces through Stephen’s imagination.

While they are traveling in Poland the duo meet up with Elosia (Veronica Echegui) and agree to give her a ride back to Spain so she can attend a festival there. Hilarity ensues as the group sets off and an adventure through Europe that leads to sex and drinking dog milk straight from the tit.

This movie was goddamn awful. I am not sure I have the words to describe to you how much I hated this pseudo-intellectual, self indulgent piece of crap but I am going to do my best.

First, the acting was atrocious. I think they picked these people up off the street and asked them to be in a movie. Next, the plot is so boring and predictable that it took me four days to watch this film. I literally couldn’t get through more then 30 minutes of the film without falling asleep from the ennui. Last but not least, the set designs. I assume that they were hoping we would think they were being clever and original when in fact, anyone who has seen a considerable amount of movies would recognize that all they did was steal from other, much better films. (City of Lost Children and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari for example)

I was seriously considering writing my review with just the words “F- this movie” and leaving it at that. I watched this movie for free and still wanted my money back. I would like to slap the directors mother. I hated it that much. Just awful. I wish I could give it negative guys but, the best I can do is no guys so… NO GUYS FROM ME!

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  1. Sarah
    May 1, 2011 at 2:38 pm

    This is the greatest review I have ever read.

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