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Bunny and the Bull

Bunny and the Bull

Director: Paul King
Writer: Paul King
Starring: Edward Hogg, Simon Farnaby, Veronica Echegui
Review By: Klash

Stephen who suffers from agoraphobia and never steps foot outside his home spends his time organizing items in perfectly labeled boxes and containers which he stacks about his home. One night after ordering out for dinner Stephen begins to have flashbacks of a trip he and his friend Bunny took across Europe. Visiting various museums the journey is rather dull until the Steve and Bunny take on a passenger they meet in Poland, a waitress named Eloise. What follows as the three companions try to get back to Spain in time for a fiesta is a bizarre journey which involves a stuffed bear, drinking dogs milk and a matador.

This film was difficult to sit through due to a lack of interest in anything that happened in the entire hour and forty minutes it took to view. The story was very boring and predictable while the characters especially Stephen were either annoying or forgettable. It was a challenge to not just turn this off and go do something else. I was hoping there would possibly be a few more cameos from some of the supporting actors, just to maybe make it a bit more tolerable. Unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Rating: Half a guy

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