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IP Man

IP Man
Director:  Wilson Yip
Writer:  Edmond Wong
Starring:  Donnie Yen, Simon Yam, Siu-Wong Fan
Reviewed by: Klash

A semi factual film based on the life of (Yip) Ip Man, a grandmaster of the martial art known as Wing Chun . 

Well respected by everyone in the Chinese province of Fo Shan, Ip Man leads a comfortable life until the Japanese occupation when he along with everyone else is thrown into a life of poverty.  Working in a coal mine to support his family, Ip Man watches as Japanese troops show up daily and bribe workers to fight in tournaments.  Hesitant to get involved Ip Man soon finds himself volunteering when friends and co workers begin to disappear without any explanations.  After discovering what is actually happening at these tournaments an outraged Ip Man knows he must step in and unleash his own personalized brand of whoop ass.

This is a must see for fans of martial arts films.  Although the film is loosely based on facts it’s still very entertaining.  The script doesn’t venture outside the realm of most other martial arts movies but that doesn’t take away from the end result.  The fight scenes are choreographed very well and keep the action moving quickly.  Donnie Yen/Ip Man is incredibly talented, the speed in which he throws punches and combinations is astounding.  It leaves me wondering why he isn’t in more big budget action films.  Over all a very entertaining action film about a man who would eventually go on to mentor another martial arts legend and actor, Bruce Lee.

Rating:  2 Guys

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