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Stone Cold

Stone Cold

Director: Craig R. Baxley
Writer: Walter Doniger
Starring: Brian Bosworth, Lance Henriksen and William Forsythe
Review By: Klash

While serving a three week suspension police officer Joe Huff (Bosworth) is ‘offered’ an opportunity to work for the FBI.  The assignment is to go undercover and infiltrate a biker gang known as The Brotherhood, an extremist gang dealing in drugs and murder.  Taking on the identity of John Stone, a biker and recently released convict, Huff begins to infiltrate the gang and earn the trust of their leader Chains Cooper (Henriksen).  As events unfold and things take a turn for the worse Joe learns that there’s more to this gang’s plans than dealing drugs and collecting protection money.  Now it’s up to Joe to single handedly stop an all out massacre as Chain’s and his crew attempt to “crack the whip”.

A definite B movie by any standard that tried to be one of those popular action flicks of the early 90’s.  That being said I have seen a lot worse although that doesn’t make this movie any better.  The dialogue in this film is laughable as is the acting.  It’s really no wonder why Brian Bosworth’s attempted acting career never went anywhere except right to DVD.  The same can be said for the rest of the cast with the exception of Lance Henriksen who has been fortunate enough to make it into some big name films over the years.  If you find yourself looking to do nothing more than kill some time and have a few laughs this may remedy that, just don’t expect anything more.  You’ve been duly warned.

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