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Director: Philip Ridley
Writer: Philip Ridley
Starring: Jim Sturgess, Clemence Poesy
Review By: Klash

 Born with unsightly birthmarks on his face and upper body Jamie Morgan (Jim Sturgess) is an outcast, the only relationships he maintains are those with his family.  When the means  to get rid of this birthmarks makes itself available Jamie quickly takes the opportunity.  But with everything comes a price and Jamie must pay it by making a deal with the Devil.

A rather dull movie with a plot that has been seen many times before, it  basically breaks down to the point of nothing is what it seems.   This was a film that in my opinion didn’t come  close to earning  the praises which I had read in other reviews.   The acting was extremely bad all around and at times very hard to watch without wanting to fast forward through various segments.  The only aspect of the film which I thought stuck out at times was the cinematography.  Unfortunately that alone wasn’t enough to save this film.

Rating:  Half a Guy

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