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Director: Philip Ridley
Writer: Philip Ridley
Starring: Jim Sturgess, Clemence Poesy
Review By: Griff

Well, it is not the worst movie I have ever seen… In a nutshell, Heartless is about a Jamie Morgan (Jim Sturgess), who is born with horrible birth marks on his face and upper body. Jamie is tormented by his peers and has no friends or relationships outside of his immediate family. So, he makes a deal with the devil. The devil removes the birth marks but in return he wants him to commit murder.

This movie actually had some promise. The premise was somewhat interesting. It’s one of those movies with the trick ending, “everything is not as it seems.” I give Ridley credit for a somewhat original script. It reminded me a lot of Lucy Mckee’s “May” (Great film if you haven’t seen it.) in that, we watch an ostracized person slowly descend into madness. Most of the great horror films have one thing in common, they try to find a way to make you feel bad for, or somehow relate to, the killer. The history of horror films is filled with examples from the “Phantom of the Opera”, to “The Silence of the Lambs.” Heartless tries hard to be on of these films but it falls flat.

Without question the the most annoying part of this film is the soundtrack. It sounds like it was written and performed by someone’s nephews garage band. It is annoying, banal, and distracting.

The music aside, Jim Sturgess is ridiculously over the top as the lead character. He plays Jamie as a cross between Quasimodo and Igor from “Young Frankenstein.” At times Sturgess is so bad, I was laughing out loud. The rest of the cast isn’t much better. The scenes with Timothy Spall as Jamie’s dad are like something out of “Christmas Carol.” I thought Spall was talking to Tiny Tim.

I really hoped that our first foray into horror movies was going to be a good one because I am a huge fan of the genre. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend this one. There is no Eastwood attached this week to make me give a charity guy. Heartless gets the big doughnut from me. Yep, no guys.

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