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Director: Alejandro Amenábar

Writer: Alejandro Amenábar, Mateo Gil   

Starring: Rachel Weisz, Max Minghella, and Oscar Isaac

Review By: Scotty

As I often do I watched this movie over a 3 day period, while trying to get some sleep.  Agora is an epic story about the rise of Christianity in ancient Alexandria.  This movie is truly about the constant battle between religion and science.

Hypatia(Rachel Weisz) is a woman scientist who has been and continues to try and unlock the universe and all of its wonders.  Hypatia sheds the normal skin of a woman inAlexandria and does not marry or involve herself in matters of the heart, which is her sacrifice.  An elite  figure Orestes (Oscar Isaac) and her slave Davus (Max Minghella) are both in love with her which goes unreciprocated.

As political and religious issues rise,  Davus follows the uprising of Christianity and is freed by Hypatia while Orestes continues his relationship with Hypatia.  The Christian uprising has become the political and religious choice of Alexandrian s as they slowly rid the city of people that do not believe in the Christian philosophy.  Orestes has to make a choice between Hypatia and Christianity, and chooses the latter. Hypatia is now a target of the church.

The cinematography is well done and the director used a “Google Earth” style in many scenes which I liked.  Rachel Weisz was excellent and the story was solid.  Some of this is true and some of this is made for Hollywood but I did not know too much about Hypatia’s story so it did not matter to me.  The movie is long, but I enjoyed it and think you would too, if you like these types of movies.

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