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Silent Rage

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Silent Rage

Director: Michael Miller
Writer: Joseph Fraley
Stars: Chuck Norris, Ron Silver, Brian Libby

Using an experimental drug to revive a murderer, three scientists push the boundaries of science and create an unstoppable killing machine. Now small town sheriff Dan Stevenson the man responsible for apprehending the killer must find a way to put him down for good before the death toll gets any higher.

The brief description pretty much says it all. The script is pretty bad, even the action scenes can’t save this film from kicking its own ass. The only thing missing is the Norris voice over which accompanies many of his other earlier films. This isn’t one of Chuck’s better films, I recommend watching a different one before viewing this.



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Directors: Colin Strause, Greg Strause
Writers: Joshua Cordes, Liam O’Donnell
Starring: Eric Balfour, Donald Faison, Scottie Thompson

When Jarrod and his girlfriend Elaine fly out to Los Angeles to visit Jarrod’s friend Terry, it just so happens their vacation plans coincide with an alien invasion.

Awakened by the alien’s initial strike, Jarrod, Elaine, Terry and the surviving members of their party watch in confused horror as the invaders begin scouring the city harvesting humans. What had started as a relaxing vacation has now turned into a struggle for survival as the friends desperately try to formulate a plan to escape the city before becoming part of the harvest.

This movie was absolutely horrid, I’m not going to say this came as a surprise. The plot was recycled from similar movies minus any substance which made it remotely interesting or entertaining. Any type of creativity that went into the creation of this film seemed absolutely minimal. The characters were cardboard, the plot and script bare bones and the alien design a joke. Looking back I can’t really think of one thing that could have given this movie a chance to redeem itself. Definitely skip this one.


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Director: Scott Charles Stewart

Writer: Peter Schink, Scott Charles Stewart

Starring: Paul Bettany, Dennis Quaid and Charles S. Dutton

Review By: Scotty

Well this was a movie and goes to show I will watch anything.  I thought the movie looked ridiculous when I saw the preview in the theatre and even as I pressed play now on my On Demand menu I knew what I was getting into.

The story takes place at a diner/gas station in the middle of nowhere and God has lost faith and mankind and sent a pestilence upon the earth to correct his mistakes.  People turn into zombies after being inhabited by the angels of heaven and try to rid the earth of mankind; but one angel named Michael(Paul Bettany) sheds his wings to fight the good fight and ends up at the diner protecting this group although his main purpose is to protect the mother of an unborn child.  This child holds the key to the survival of mankind.

A few people get killed and the baby is born but now Michael is confronted by his brother Gabriel (Kevin Durand) who is doing the will of God and trying to destroy this child.  Big fight, Gabriel wins but Michael comes back after God realizes his mistake and protects the survivors.

This movie was terrible besides a couple of scenes involving an old lady and another involving an ice cream man.  Do not waste your time.

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This Weeks Movie

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Bunny and the Bull

Check back on Sunday for the 3 guys review!


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Ip Man

IP Man

Director:  Wilson Yip

Writer:   Edmond Wong

Stars: Donnie Yen, Simon Yam and Siu-Wong Fan

Reviewed by: Scotty

Ip Man is a semi-biopic about the founder of the martial art Wing Chun Kung Fu .  The story revolves the occupation of China by the Japanese military in World war II and the birth and development of Wing Chun Kung Fu during this difficult period.  There is a few bad guys, a few good guys and Ip Man is the best fighter in the region and is put to the test reluctantly, over and over again.

I have never seen a Donnie Yen (Ip Man) movie and from what I have read he has quite a following, and after watching this; add one more member to his fan club.   He is incredible and the fight scenes in this movie kick ass and are as fast and furious as they can get.

The movie itself felt like a Western done in Chinese.  When Ip walks into the room he has a Clint Eastwood effect and you know he is going to demolish the 10, 15, sometimes 20 bad guys that threaten his honor and his country.  I watched the dubbed version and sometimes this can be difficult to get over and I am sure it loses some depth in translation but either way this movie was fun to watch and I have been walking around my house doing Kung Fu, poorly, since I watched it.  I give it 2 guys and I look forward to watching Ip Man 2 in the coming weeks.

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IP Man

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IP Man
Director:  Wilson Yip
Writer:  Edmond Wong
Starring:  Donnie Yen, Simon Yam, Siu-Wong Fan
Reviewed by: Klash

A semi factual film based on the life of (Yip) Ip Man, a grandmaster of the martial art known as Wing Chun . 

Well respected by everyone in the Chinese province of Fo Shan, Ip Man leads a comfortable life until the Japanese occupation when he along with everyone else is thrown into a life of poverty.  Working in a coal mine to support his family, Ip Man watches as Japanese troops show up daily and bribe workers to fight in tournaments.  Hesitant to get involved Ip Man soon finds himself volunteering when friends and co workers begin to disappear without any explanations.  After discovering what is actually happening at these tournaments an outraged Ip Man knows he must step in and unleash his own personalized brand of whoop ass.

This is a must see for fans of martial arts films.  Although the film is loosely based on facts it’s still very entertaining.  The script doesn’t venture outside the realm of most other martial arts movies but that doesn’t take away from the end result.  The fight scenes are choreographed very well and keep the action moving quickly.  Donnie Yen/Ip Man is incredibly talented, the speed in which he throws punches and combinations is astounding.  It leaves me wondering why he isn’t in more big budget action films.  Over all a very entertaining action film about a man who would eventually go on to mentor another martial arts legend and actor, Bruce Lee.

Rating:  2 Guys

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Ip Man

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IP Man

Director: Wilson Yip
Writer: Edmond Wong
Starring: Donnie Yen
Review By: Griff

“Hey Mr. IP man you think your slick. You sold crack to my sister and now she’s sick…”

Sorry, that has nothing to do with this movie but it has been stuck in my head all week so I figured I would torture the rest of you with it as well. You are welcome.

If you are looking for a really good martial arts action movie you should probably watch Return of the Dragon. If you have already seen Return of the Dragon then hey, Ip man isn’t so bad.

Loosely based on actual events it deals with a martial arts instructor (Ip Man!) during the Japanese occupation of China. Ip man leads a fairly posh existence before the occupation but is forced to live as a pauper now that his city has been occupied. In order to provide for his family Ip man takes a job at the local coal mine. While he is working one day the Japanese soldiers show up to recruit people to fight in front of their General. At first Ip man is reluctant to fight but then some of his friends and colleagues start getting killed so Ip man decides its time to kick some ass!

This is actually a pretty enjoyable film. Don’t get me wrong, it is a long way from perfect, but you could do a lot worse. There are some great action sequences and I love the fact that people were not flying around on harnesses like so many martial arts films you see today. Donnie Yen who plays Ip man is a truly talented martial artist and he has reflex like a cat. There are some sequences where he punches so fast you won’t believe it.

Sometimes a movie should just be enjoyed for what it is. Forget about the overused plot or the semi-plausible script. Just sit back and enjoy this movie for what it is. A fun action movie that leaves you satisfied. This is one ride that is worth the trip. Two guys from me.

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