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The Fighter

The Fighter

Director: David O. Russell
Writer:   Scott Silver, Paul Tamasy
Stars:  Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Melissa Leo  and Amy Adams

Reviewed by: Scotty

Based on a true story, this movie follows a blue collar family in the blue collar town of Lowell, Massachusetts.  Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg) is a local boxer trying to become champion in the shadow of his older brother Dicky Eklund (Christian Bale).  Dicky had supposedly knocked down Sugar Ray Leonard but there was much contention about this that tortured Dicky, Micky and the whole family.

Micky’s boxing career is a family affair.  Dicky is his trainer and Micky’s mother (Melissa Leo) is his manager but there is tension growing in this relationship.  Dicky is a drug addict and often is late to train and Micky’s mother is overbearing and controlling.  After an incident where Dicky was incarcerated and spends some time in prison Micky goes with new management and severs ties with his family.  This event is heartbreaking but successful as Micky get his shot at the title with support of new management and new girlfriend (Amy Adams).

This movie is about family with boxing as its vehicle.  Christian Bale is incredible as Dicky Eklund and deserves the accolades he received for a stunning performance.  Mark Wahlberg held his own but his role was much thinner than Bales, no fault of his own.  This movie was well written, well acted, and well shot through and through.  Being from Massachusetts, knowing the area and the story certainly was a plus for me, but every state has a Lowell and every Lowell has the Wards in some shape or form.  I give it 2 ½ guys.

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