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Director: Tom McGrath
Writer: Alan J. Schoolcraft, Bret Simons
Stars: Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill
Reviewed by: Griff

The evil villain Megamind (Will Ferrell) concocts a plan to destroy his superhero nemesis Metro Man (Brad Pitt) once and for all.  Megamind’s plan succeeds and he rids himself of his archenemy. Soon after however, Megamind realizes that his life is boring and pointless without a superhero to fight, so he creates a new hero from Metro Man’s DNA named Titan. Problems arise when Titan refuses to play the part of the hero and instead becomes a villain himself. Megamind now finds himself in the unfamiliar position of having to be the hero and save Metro City from Titan.

For the most part I enjoyed this film. There is a lot of adult oriented humor here so it kept me entertained. They definitely did a nice job of paying a little homage to those of us who grew up in the 80’s. Even the soundtrack will bring back some memories.

Will Ferrell was great as the evil Megamind. This definitely was a nice vehicle for him. The rest of the cast was just ok. Brad Pitt was pretty underused for such a big name actor and didn’t really have a very big part in the film. Jonah Hill basically played Jonah Hill and his character even looked like him. Tina Fey was good but forgettable.

Although I enjoyed the movie there was something about it that just fell a little flat for me. I generally like to judge most contemporary animated films against what I like to call the Pixar standard. Pixar does and incredible job of doing three things. First, they make the movie fun for kids, Second, they throw in enough humor for adults to keep them entertained. Lastly, they add some kind of human element to the film that we can all relate to somehow. Then they wash rinse and repeat this concept for all their films.

Based on that standard I can sum up my review like this. Not enough of the first item, too much of the second, and none of the last.

Megamind is a fun ride with lots of explosions and action and I don’t think anyone is going to watch this and think it was a terrible way to spend an hour and a half, but I think you would be happier if you spent that time watching the far superior Toy Story 3. Megamind gets one and half guys from me.


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