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127 Hours

127 Hours

Director: Danny Boyle
Writer: Danny Boyle, Simon Beaufoy
Stars: James Franco, Amber Tamblyn, Kate Mara

Reviewed by:

“Those who have a “why” to live, can bear with almost any “how.”
-Viktor Frankl

127 Hours is based on the true story of Aron Ralston, a climber who was trapped by a boulder in a remote section of the Utah desert and eventually had to amputate his own arm in order to survive.

I knew about this story going in and I hadn’t seen it up until now because well, I knew the guy was going to cut his own arm off. It is hard to work up the motivation to want to watch a man remove an appendage.

Now that I have seen it, I can tell you it is definitely worth a watch. Yes, he cuts his arm off, and it is disturbing. The image of him cutting through a last section of his arm is still haunting me a few days later but please don’t let that stop you from checking this film out.

What this film really is really about is a celebration of life.  It is about the will to live and what drives us to survive in incredible circumstances.

James Franco portrayal of Aron Ralston is hands down the best performance I have seen in recent memory. The fact that he did not win the Oscar for this role and Colin Firth did for talking with a stutter is absolutely shameful. He is gritty, raw, and real, and I was blown away by how good he was.

The cinematography was outstanding. The film should be viewed on the largest screen possible to really appreciate some of the scenes and feeling of isolation that it captures.  

Boyle is one of the best directors working today and he proves it again with this film. He was able to take a premise that on the surface seems almost impossible to make into a movie and creates a moving and compelling film.

This is my favorite of the movies that we have reviewed so far and it is my first three guy worthy film. Don’t miss it!

Some side notes,

  • I watched the blu ray and it has some great extras including an alternate ending that is worth checking out.
  • If you enjoyed this film you should also check out the movie Touching the Void.


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