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127 Hours

127 Hours

Starring: James Franco

Writers: Danny Boyle, Simon Beaufoy

Director: Danny Boyle

Review by: Klash

A film based on true events climber Aron Ralston endured for five days while trapped and alone in a desolate canyon in Wayne county, Utah after his arm is crushed between a large boulder and a canyon wall.  Taking into consideration I already knew the outcome of this film and compared to other films that try to work on the premise of being based on true events and end up failing miserably this film was worth a viewing.  The film does a good job at conveying the importance of life and the extreme measures someone will endure whether it be for themselves or someone else. 

Normally not a big fan of James Franco or his previous work his performance in this film was very well done and is definitely a huge step above anything else I have seen him in.  Director Danny Boyle also did a good job of not turning this film into another typical Hollywood piece of garbage ‘based on true events’.  By the end of this film I didn’t find myself asking what I just watched unlike a previously reviewed movie named Unstoppable.  Finally the cinematography was great with its ability to capture the vast stretching landscapes and give a sense of total openness before transforming that into a feeling of doom and despair once inside the narrow confines of the canyon.  Overall opinion the best film we have reviewed to this point.

Rating: Two Guys


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