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127 Hours


Danny Boyle


Danny Boyle (screenplay), Simon Beaufoy (screenplay)


James Franco, Amber Tamblyn and Kate Mara


Based on a true story, this movie is a perfect blend of chaos and serenity as you take a journey with Aron Ralston (James Franco), an adrenaline seeking, selfish thrill seeker. On a normal day and a normal trip, Aron finds himself trapped in an isolated canyon, his arm trapped between a large boulder and the canyon. With minimal supplies Aron begins the fight of his life, or should I say fight for his life with minimal water, a little food, and a dull knife.

Throughout this journey, Aron has many recollections of friends, family, and lovers as he tries by any means necessary to free himself. Through those recollections he finds a piece of himself that has been forgotten.  Aron has hallucinations and premonitions while stuck in the narrow canyon in Utah that paint a picture of his life.

This movie is not for those with a weak stomach; at times this movie is graphic and nauseating. For those of you that have anxiety and a fear of tight quarters, this film will be hard to sit through. Danny Boyle did such a great job directing this film and leading its cinematography that at times you feel trapped and may find yourself catching your own breath.

James Franco, star of Howl, Milk, and General Hospital, yes the soap, was very convincing and sincere in this role and continues to impress critics and moviegoers alike. He does not disappoint here as he is basically a one-man show. I thought this movie was great all around and was certainly impressed with the look and feel of this film.

I give this movie 2 ½ guys

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