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Green Zone

Green Zone

Director: Paul Greengrass

Writer: Brian Helgeland, Rajiv Chandrasekaran

Starring: Matt Damon, Jason Isaacs and Greg Kinnear

Review By: Scotty

I caught this film this afternoon and was pleasantly surprised.  This is an action movie from start to finish that revolves around a rogue soldier and a covert operation which started the war in Iraq.  A war between Washington D.C and the C.I.A. keeps you on your toes as the characters try to unveil the true source of the WMD Intel.

The movie is shot like a documentary and at times is a little tough to handle but gives you an overall feeling of panic and chaos, which I believe is what the director intended.  Damon plays his role well as usual but nothing out of the ordinary or extraordinary I should say.  I did think Greg Kinnear as a Washington expletive was a new angle for him and he surprisingly made me dislike his character in this movie.

The story and action kept me interested and I enjoyed the relationship between Damon and his interpreter.  The movie is not great by any means but it certainly was entertaining and not a bad way to spend a couple hours.  This movie was not shot in Iraq but you could have fooled me, it felt like Iraq.

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Blow Out

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Blow Out

Director: Brian De Palma
Writer: Brian De Palma
Starring: John Travolta, Nancy Allen, John Lithgow
Review By: Griff

Ok, here is another throw back review for the movie fans out there. Brian De Palma is pretty well known for being a disciple of Alfred Hitchcock. This is especially true with some of his early movies like Sisters and Dressed To Kill. While he is definitely no Hitchcock, he did make some pretty entertaining thrillers back in the early 80’s. Blow Out is a little bit of an overlooked classic.

John Travolta plays Joe, a sound producer who, while recording some outdoor sounds at night, inadvertently records a car accident. It turns out that there was a presidential candidate in the car with a prostitute. The police try and cover up the accident and convince Joe to do the same. Joe cannot let it go however, and when he listens to his recording he becomes convinced that he hears a gun shot before the accident. So he decides to try and figure out what really happened.

Blow Out is a nice little thriller with an unconventional ending. Quentin Tarantino has said that Travolta’s performance in this movie is the reason why he wanted him for Pulp Fiction. Definitely worth a watch if you looking for something off the beaten path.



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Black Swan

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This weeks movie?

Black Swan 

Check back soon for the 3 guys review!


The Tourist

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The Tourist 

Director: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
Writer: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
Stars: Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, and Paul Bettany
Reviewed by: Klash

A comedy/crime film that doesn’t do much in the way of hitting the mark in either of the genres.  The film opens with Elise Clifton-Ward (Jolie), a target of a criminal investigation headed by Scotland Yard.  It’s believed that Elise can lead authorities to an international criminal named Alexander Pearce.  Leading the operation is Scotland Yard’s Inspector Acheson (Bettany) who is determined to apprehend Pearce at almost any cost.

As the plot slowly rolls on, Ward under the directions of Pearce boards a train which will bring her to his undisclosed location.  While on the train she is to find a decoy, someone identical in appearance to Pearce that can be used to elude the authorities.  Setting her sights on fellow traveler Frank Tupelo (Depp) an American tourist, it’s not long after that Frank finds himself neck deep in trouble. 

Falling flat from the start this film didn’t have much potential.  Even with the star power of Depp and Jolie it missed its mark.  This is one of those films just didn’t seem as though it was cast very well.  Depp and Jolie seemed to lack any connection and appeared rather awkward when sharing scenes making their characters unconvincing.  There isn’t much in the way of support from the secondary characters.  They were all forgettable and apparently used to try and fill in the numerous failed moments in the script.

The best part of the film would have to be the locations shot within the city of Venice.  The scenery was beautiful, unfortunately it didn’t seem to help capture the intended mood in many scenes, that fault falls on the script. 

Rating: One Guy

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The Tourist

The Tourist

Director: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarc

Writer:   Florian Henckel von Donnersmarc, Christopher McQuarrie

Stars:  Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp

Reviewed by: Scotty

This movie sets up to be a romantic comedy slash crime thriller with twists and turns that catch no one by surprise.  These types of movies are so difficult to pull off and Donnersmarc certainly missed the mark here.

Jolie plays a mysterious woman named Elise who in the first scene eludes police to meet up with her lost love.  It seems everyone is watching this women but she somehow boards a train to Venice and meets her patsy Frank Tupelo (Johnny Depp).  Tupelo falls for her immediately and in time and through adventure Elise begins to fall for Frank.

The police and the bad guys are now trying to catch Frank whom they think is the mystery man Alexander that had stolen the gangster’s money and evaded paying taxes to his government.  Frank is in bad situation after bad situation and Elise saves the day every time and eludes capture until the end when all the characters are involved in the climax and everything gets sorted out.

This movie was written in the style of Hollywood’s yesteryear which I can appreciate but Depp and Jolie were certainly not like Bogart and Bacall and as I watched I found the lack of chemistry between the two, disappointing to say the least.  There is a twist but I was hip to it almost immediately.   McQuarrie, who co-wrote “The Tourist” and was Oscar winning writer of “The Usual Suspects”, misses here as this has no Keyser Soze moment.

I give it 1 ½ guys

The Tourist

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The Tourist

Director: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
Writer: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
Stars: Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, and Paul Bettany

Reviewed by:

This movie was slammed pretty hard by a lot of critics. I believe it currently has a 20% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Is it really that bad? No, but it is definitely a movie with some flaws.

The plot centers around Elise (Angelina Jolie) who has fallen for a man named Alexander Pearce who has stolen money from a mobster. Apparently, Elise has been separated from this man for some time. The police are now tracking Elise in hopes of finding Pearce because he is wanted for tax evasion.

Pearce sends Elise a note telling her to get on a train and pick someone that looks like him so they can use that person as a pawn to elude the police. She picks Frank (Johnny Depp) and he becomes embroiled in the whole situation.

Much like the underappreciated “The American” this movie was advertised as something that it was not. The trailers would lead you to believe that this is an action thriller and it is really more of a romantic comedy with a little bit of a thriller mixed in. Based on that I don’t think the film was all that bad.

This is not Johnny Depp’s finest performance but it did have some good moments. I enjoyed how his character didn’t speak any Italian and instead would just throw out random sentences or words from other languages because it was all he knew. There was scene in particular where he was speaking to an Italian policeman and said “merci” and the policeman looked back at him and said ‘de nada” that I thought was particularly funny. There was a lot of subtle humor like that in his performance that I think a lot of people will miss if they don’t pay attention.

Angelina Jolie looks beautiful of course but you can tell she dialed this one in. She is basically sleep walking her way through this film. One of biggest problems with the film is I don’t see any chemistry between her and Depp.

Probably the most enjoyable aspect of this film is the scenery of Vencie. It looks amazing in HD and the film is definitely beautifully shot, but it doesn’t save this film from mediocrity.

You can tell that this movie tried hard to be something that it never really panned out to be. They had all the right mixture. Talented actors, beautiful locations, etc. but it falls a little flat.

This is definitely not as bad a film as some others would have you believe. It’s not unwatchable and at times pretty funny but a lack of chemistry, a ridiculous plot, and some so so acting bog it down. The Tourist gets 1 and ½ guys from me.

The Tourist

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This weeks movie? 

The Tourist

Starring: Johnny Depp, and Angelina Jolie
Directed by: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck