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Stream it on Netflix


Looking for something to watch? I am going to be doing some quick reviews of some movies you can stream on Netflix for free. First category is going to be Documentary.

Exit Through the Gift Shop
Directed by: Banksy
Starring: Banksy(?)

This is a Documentary about a Documentary. It follows a crazy French filmmaker who has a penchant for Graffiti art and starts following the artists around while they are creating their art on the streets. Eventually he tries to turn all this footage into a documentary. It hits on a bunch of prominent artists but the real showcase is here is Banksy, probably the most famous graffiti artist in the world. You never actually get to see Banksy. He guards his anonymity carefully. His face is blurred throughout the film and his speech has been modified.  Since very few people even know who he is no one is ever quite sure if the artwork is his or not. In fact it’s been mentioned that the documentary itself might be a hoax. Regardless, it’s an interesting look into the world of graffiti art and an engrossing film.
This movie is actually up for an Oscar and rumor has it Banksy is going to show up in disguise. His artwork has been popping up in the LA area so who knows. It Might make the Oscars worth watching anyway. That is in between the academy falling all over the Kings Speech that no one saw.

Directors: Tim Hetherington, Sebastian Junger

Restrepo follows a platoon of soldier during their one year deployment in the deadliest section of Afghanistan. It’s a powerful movie about war, camaraderie, and loss. The person(s) who filmed this is either incredibly brave, incredibly stupid or a combination of the two. Bullets are literally whizzing by while he films. Absolutely a must see.
This one is also up for an Oscar but I think they are both going to lose to Inside Job which was also excellent but not streaming for free on Netflix so that review will have to wait.

Honorable mention…

Man on Wire – last year’s Oscar winner about the man who did a tight rope walk across the twin towers is a must see!

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