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Director: Tony Scott
Mark Bomback
Denzel Washington, Chris Pine, Rosario Dawson
Review By: Griff

 I didn’t go into this movie thinking anyone was going to be winning an Oscar. My expectations were pretty low so I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately that didn’t happen.

The story which is loosely (and I mean loosely, click here for the actual story.) based on actual events tells the story of a runaway train that is heading into a heavily populated area of Pennsylvania filled with hazardous waste. Of course there is only one solution.  Send in Denzel Washington and Chris Pine.

There is really not a lot more to tell, it’s a runaway train some guys try to stop it, roll credits. The banality of this movie surpassed what I envisioned from the trailer. Everything here is hackneyed and cliché. The characters are all one dimensional and even the usually excellent Denzel Washington seems to have dialed in his performance for this one.

The only good thing that I really have to say about this is that it was mercifully short. At about an hour and half the pacing is right on target and Scott’s usual frenetic style works well.

This is not the worst film that I have ever seen but it’s time that could be better spent watching some other far better action films. Unstoppable only gets 1 guy from me.

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