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Tony Scott


Mark Bomback


Denzel Washington, Chris Pine and Rosario Dawson

Review by Scotty

There is an unmanned train ripping through suburban Pennsylvania heading for Scranton and Frank(Denzel Washington) and Will(Chris Pine) are in harm’s way traveling down the same track.  This is loosely based on true events and has been embellished to a point to where it is unrecognizable as a true event.

Will is a new recruit right out of training who is having issues at home and Frank is a veteran with 2 daughters that work at Hooters to pay for college.  At the beginning Frank and Will are at odds and there is obvious tension between the two of them but as the events unfold Will and Frank begin a friendship that lasts the movie and beyond.

There are a couple of ways to stop the train that are obviously going to fail and Frank comes up with a plan to save the day against the wishes of the train company’s top brass.  There are several curves in the track before completing this process but all is typical and unoriginal.

I did like Connie(Rosario Dawson) as the liaison between train and corporate but the role was not a stretch for anyone.  All actors and actresses are cast well but anyone could have played these parts and the movie itself lacked any substance and therefore lacked opportunity for a shining moment or a breakout performance.

I did not want to see this movie in the theater and I am upset that I spent my xbox points on renting it.  The best thing I can say about this movie is that it was very short.  I give it 1 guy.

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