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Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go

Stars: Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield and Keira Knightley

Novel by: Kazu Ishiguru

Screenplay by: Alex Garland

Director: Mark Romanek

Reviewed by: Klash

Taking place in an alternate reality where medical science has made miraculous achievements this story centers on three friends named Kathy (Carey Mulligan), Ruth (Keira Knightley) and Tommy (Andrew Garfield) whose lives are specifically tied to these discoveries.

Narrated by Kathy the film takes place in three chapters the first beginning within the walls of an English boarding school where Ruth, Tommy and Kathy are raised.  The film’s twist is revealed fairly early on by one of the children’s guardians who seems to have a personal conflict with how the children are clueless to their real purpose.  Subsequently this guardian is dismissed but the knowledge has already been revealed to the children who at this stage don’t seem to fully grasp the full effect for what it is. 

Raised as human cattle and termed ‘donors’ these children upon reaching a certain point in their lives will begin donating their organ so others can live healthier longer lives.  Even after its further explained by the school’s head administrator the grave reality of the situation still hasn’t fully set in as the compassionate Kathy seems to be focusing mainly on her feelings for Tommy even after Ruth slips in and steals the boy away.

The second chapter fast forwards several years and focuses on the understanding of what will become of them from the view of the friends.  As their predetermined futures move forward new conflicts arise as old emotions which have remained intact through the years are misinterpreted creating a tear in the bond they all once shared as the friends move on in different directions.

The third chapter and final chapter begins with the a reuniting of the three and the realization that life is ticking away as the donations have since begun.  During this time truths and jealousies are revealed changing the way in which the friends perceive each other while possibly giving way to a new short term hope on life even if there are no guarantees.  By this time it seems somewhat clear how things are going to play out leaving the viewer to make their own assumptions.

By the end of the film I felt almost nothing. There was no real connection to any of the characters and I saw them as nothing more than human cattle.  I believe this was mainly due to the lack of attempts to alter their future and make for a better life.   Trumped by adversity they simply gave up and accepted their fate which to me was a copout considering the strength of emotions that were portrayed in specific scenes between certain characters.  Yes inevitably we all die and there is no picking when that time comes but it didn’t make sense to me to hurry death along especially when someone finds someone else they feel without a doubt is worth living and fighting for.  Even after having several days to think about this film I still find myself at a loss for words as I just didn’t find a connection no matter what angle I tried to approach it from.

Well acted and narrated unfortunately there was nothing that specifically stood out and made me take notice of any of the actors in particular.  Another point which I guess ties into my lack of connecting with the characters or the film in general.  Over all a very bleak film that won’t be for everyone. 

I give it one guy out of three

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